Asian marriages have a wealth of practices and imagery This article examines some of the most well-known Asiatic marriage symbols and their meanings, from the Chinese symbol of double happiness to jujube fruits. Whether you’re planning an Eastern- themed bride or simply interested in learning more about the lifestyle, this article is sure to inform and persuade.

Traditionally, Eastern marriages are lively and luxurious occasions. Every detail on a bride’s clothing is thoroughly thought out and designed, from the elaborate patterns on her outfit to the sensitive jewelry she wears. A skilled photographer should be able to get all of these details in all of their true form, using shading to identify the most crucial details, and crafting a detailed visual narrative that captures the splendor of the occasion.

Red is a common color at Asian marriages as it symbolizes success, fate, and happiness. The lotus plant is also a very important symbolic depiction in Chinese society, evoking elegance, splendor, and cleanliness. Chinese animal imagery is also very common, with marriages featuring the dragon and nova being among the most famous.

Another popular symbol at Asian weddings is the double happiness character ( shung xiè). The character combines two standard characters for happiness and can be found on many wedding accessories and invitations. The double happiness symbol is said to bring love, peace, and good fortune to the couple. Additionally, the dragon and phoenix are often used together as a symbol of power and prosperity.